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Using the proper equipment, your installer will nail or glue boards in place, working from multiple cartons to create consistency in the look of the floor. When encountering unforeseen problems, experienced installers know how to solve them.


Our process starts with the sanding of the wood, the depth of the sanding will be determined by the depth of the scratches in the wood. 

The last stage is to coat the floor with polyurethane keep in mind that the more coats you apply, the better protection you will have and the longer it will last.

Outstanding customer service and floor selection,
100% trustable, excellent response to all my needs, and highly recommended.
James S.
Son altamente confiables deje mi casa sola con 
ellos durante el tiempo que duro el projecto y 
todo permanecio intacto y en su lugar.
Arturo Tinoco
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